What Were You Outraged About This Year?

Slate has a great interactive calendar of everything we flipped out about on the Internet this year. You're welcome.

Slate often prides itself on taking a unique stance, which means they’re used to nasty comments, hate-tweets and general trolling. Which is why they are the perfect outlet to catalog all of our social media and digital beefs this year.

Not only is there a collection of articles all about outrage and how we handled it, but the interactive calendar is a perfect Friday afternoon distraction. You can pick a day, see the issue, the (non) apology, a sample social response to the issue and vote on how outrageous or overblown it was. Remember when The New Republic ran a piece on Maya Angelou the day after she died? Or when Ira Glass dissed Shakespeare? I didn’t either, but it shall all live on in infamy. 

outrage chart