Lonely Gay Soldiers? There’s An App for That!

Today in Surprising Tech Promotions: Are you an active US military service member who’s openly gay and looking for love? If so, you’re in luck! No, seriously: OutMilitary.com ‘s mobile app appears to be the armed forces version of the popular gay hookup tool Grindr. According to the company’s official press release, users can just turn it on and identify other interested parties in the surrounding area with a handy “Near Me” feature. We’re not sure how many gay soldiers, veterans or “admirers” of the same would be interested in straight-up chillin’ in the deserts of Afghanistan (no alcohol, for one), but still!

The site itself is more than two years old, but now that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is a thing of the past and gay American soldiers can openly discuss the challenges of being a gay American soldier, this app can help them find a friendly place to do just that.

We feel like this product might do pretty well: It serves the very specific needs of a very specific niche community. The question: How to promote it? The laws have changed, but we hear homophobia is still fairly common within the ranks. What do you think?