Outlets Get Competitive Over No Zzzzz’s

Look’s like NBC’s “First Read” online newsletter is taking an unhealthy page from Politico‘s Playbook author Mike Allen, who has kept up what may or may not be a strange myth that he rarely, if ever, sleeps. Still, NBC says that it’s no longer sleeping either. HuffPost-AOL Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington, a firm believer in seven hours of shuteye a night, must be shuddering about all this.

“First Read no longer sleeps: With five days until the Ames Straw Poll, and with NBC embed reporters covering the GOP presidential candidates and early nominating states, First Read no longer sleeps. Over the weekend, we covered Rick Perry’s day of prayer and fasting in Houston, the mystery donor to that pro-Romney PAC coming forward, and even long-shots Gary Johnson and Buddy Roemer campaigning in New Hampshire. And later this morning, per NBC’s Jamie Novogrod, we’ll run a dispatch of Michele Bachmann attending an Iowa church yesterday, where the pastor preached against homosexuality and showed a video testimonial from a man named Adam Hood, who claims to have been gay before experiencing a conversation with God. “I am so happy God has given me natural affection for a woman,” Hood said in the video, adding that his wife is nine months pregnant.”