Outgoing TWT Editor Seeks Foster Parent for Siamese Fighting Fish

As we reported Wednesday, The Washington Times‘ Editorial Page Editor Brett Decker is on his way out. Gone. Finito. Forced out. Among the details he must deal with as he packs up his belongings is what to do with General Tso.

That’s his Siamese fighting fish, not his lunch.

“The company has made its decisions and it’s time for me to ramble on,” Decker tells FishbowlDC. “Life goes on. My biggest concern now is finding a foster parent for General Tso, my Siamese fighting fish who lives on my desk at work. I can’t take him home and leave him unsupervised with Chop Suey, my cat. So in short, yes, a lot to worry about amidst the transition.”

Asked if he wanted FishbowlDC to assist in finding him suitable foster parents for General Tso, he said…

Also, meet the formidable Chop Suey after the jump…

As for adopting General Tso, Decker lamented, “Truth is, there isn’t much fight left in that fighting fish. He can barely muster enough power to swim to the surface to eat so we have to keep the water level low to make it easier for him. I haven’t been the best parental unit; I thoughtlessly had sushi for lunch at my desk a couple times. You should have seen the look of horror on that fish’s face after I was done.”