Outfit7 teams with Disney for animated Talking Friends web series

Slovenian developer Outfit7 is a little closer to becoming a multimedia empire. The company announced today it has signed a deal with Disney Interactive Media that will see Disney create an original animated web series based on the company’s series of Talking Friends apps.

The deal is a big win for Outfit7, and was very likely helped along by the company’s advisor Andy Mooney. Disney’s former chairman of consumer products, Mooney joined Outfit7 in February to help the company negotiate entertainment deals covering books, film and music. Outfit7 hasn’t been shy about its ambitions to turn its series of ultra-popular apps into an entertainment brand. In December the company announced a partnership with brand advertising agency Beanstalk to create mugs, toys, sleepwear and clothes based on the Talking Friends characters.

Overall, the Talking Friends apps have been downloaded more than 390 million times and have more than 115 million monthly active users. That’s up from February, when the company reported 300 million downloads and 90 million monthly active users. According to Outfit7, the company’s catalogue of apps generates 35 million downloads a month.

The Talking Friends web series will be available on Disney.com, Disney’s YouTube channel and through the Talking Friends mobile apps.