Outfit7’s Lila, Chicken Balls, and Tapper World Tour Mark Newer Titles Atop iOS Paid Charts

New applications that make their way onto the Apple paid apps charts for iOS don’t always stay very long, but a couple previously seen breakthrough titles seem to be holding out like iStunt and Pimp My Screen.  That said, a handful of newcomers — released within the last two weeks — also appeared on the paid app charts this week, especially the iPad. Here is what we found:

New Titles Within Top 50 iPhone Paid Apps List

Talking Lila the Fairy — At #15 is a new title just recently released on the 19th, Talking Lila the Fairy. Developed by Outfit7, who a Slovenian company we profiled back in January, this app is best described as a toy. Users are able to talk to and interact with the 3D virtual character Lila as well as easily make and share videos, with her, via YouTube, Facebook, email, or MMS.

Cabela’s Recon Hunt — This app came out of a partnership between hunting outfitter Cabela’s Inc. and GPS company Trimble Navigation Ltd. After launching on March 1, the title, which is a real hunting app (no, not a game) climbed the charts to #47 today. The apps lets users find hunting spots on detailed maps, track wildlife, take trophy photos and find their way home. It also shows weather forecasts, sun and moon phases, trip stats and ballistics information.

Quickcam — Released four days ago, Quickcam, barely cracked the top 50. Made by a single developer based in Denver, Colorado, the app tries to improve upon other existing photography apps like Camera+ or Instagram. It lets users take still photos while recording video. There are also simple ways of adjusting focus and exposure like in Camera+.

New Titles Within Top 50 iPad Paid Apps List

GarageBand — Now the #2 application for paid iPad apps, the Apple-developed port of it’s music software GarageBand still proves popular. The iPad version allows users to play varying instruments using their touchscreen including drums, piano, guitar, and so on. Music can then be edited directly from the app, shared, and ported to Mac version software for further editing. The app was released March 10th.

Pimp Your Screen — Also released on the 10th, Pimp Your Screen for iPad proves even more popular than its iPhone counterpart appearing at #5. Developed by Apalon, this version still hosts all the same vibrant customization effects as the other and adjusts them to fit the larger iPad screen size and resolution.

Chicken Balls HD — A brand new game makes its way on to the iPad charts at #15 called Chicken Balls HD. The title is developed by Endloop Systems, a small iOS developer out of Canada and is currently advertising an 80% off sale for its launch; which contributes greatly to its high ranking. The game itself is a physics-based puzzle game in which Crash the chicken must battle UFOs outside Roswell using a combination of Pachinko and Breakout-style play.

Talking Lila the Fairy for iPad — Outfit7 appears once again this week at #12 on iPad with their “toy” Talking Lila the Fairy for iPad. As with the iPhone version, the app is a virtual toy where users literally talk to and interact with a digital fairy named Lila. With her, they can perform various actions, make her sing, and cast spells. The app has been out since March 19th.

Tapper World Tour HD — Tapper World Tour HD appears to have been released around the 16th, yet has already been updated as of the 19th. Developed by media giant Warner Bros., Tapper World Tour is actually a remake of the classic 1980’s arcade title. Within the game, players attempt to serve all of the customers in their bar until the space has been emptied, with more an more customers appearing as difficulties increase. The app is currently #13 on the top iPad paid apps list and is running a special “introductory launch price” of $1.99.

Real Racing 2 HD — Firemint sneaks into the top list again at #25 with Real Racing 2 HD. Released March 11th, it was recently updated on the 19th to drastically improve visuals and frame rate issues for first generation iPad users. Firemint is a mid-sized developer based out of Melbourne, Australia and is best known for games such as Real Racing HD and Flight Control. As for Real Racing 2 HD, it is a realistic 3D racing title.