Outfit7 Limited Launches Talking Tom Gold Run on Mobile

The endless runner challenges players to survive as long as possible in each run by swiping to avoid obstacles.

Outfit7 Limited announced the launch of Talking Tom Gold Run, the latest application in the popular Talking Tom and Friends franchise. The endless runner challenges players to survive as long as possible in each run by swiping to avoid obstacles.

Players begin the game with access to a single character, Talking Tom, and they can unlock additional characters over time. In each game, players can swipe left and right to move between three running lanes, and swipe up and down to jump over and slide under obstacles.

Gamers can collect gold bars as they play, which can be spent on upgrades for Talking Tom’s home and swimming pool. Each upgrade increases users’ score multipliers, so they can earn more points in future games.

In addition, players can unlock a second character, Talking Angela, by building Talking Tom’s home. Each time players unlock a new character, they must upgrade the character’s home in order to unlock the next character.

Elsewhere, users can collect temporary power-ups while they’re running, including gold bar magnets, helmets and more. As users progress, they can upgrade these power-ups to increase their durations.

In a statement, Samo Login, founder and CEO of Outfit7 Limited, commented:

Talking Tom Gold Run draws the user in with an interactive storyline, top-notch graphics and iconic characters that users have come to know and love. We guarantee that the gamer will never get bored with so many unique worlds and segments to unlock.

Talking Tom Gold Run is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, the Amazon Appstore and Windows Phone Store. In total, the apps in the Talking Tom and Friends franchise have been downloaded 4.5 billion times worldwide.

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