Outfit7 CEO Nabergoj Steps Down, Founder Login Steps Up As Temporary Replacement

Outfit7 has been one of the high-flying, bootstrapped mobile developers on iOS and Android this year with north of 150 million downloads for its talking animal apps.

So it’s surprising to hear that the company’s chief executive Andrej Nabergoj is stepping down. Asked what he’ll be doing next, he said, “Wait and see.” The company’s founder Samo Login is stepping up as the temporary CEO until the company can find a permanent replacement.

Built by former search engineers in Slovenia, Outfit outlined a lofty vision for itself. The company’s ambitions have been to reinvent the toy industry, using smartphones and tablet devices as their platform. Nabergoj had said in the past that kids are naturally drawn to iPhones and iPads over other kinds of toys.

“It took Mattel 50 years to sell more than 1 billion Barbie dolls,” he told us in January. “This year, we think we can ship 500 million toys.”

The company used a mixed strategy with both paid and free apps. The free apps usually had in-app purchases where users could buy extra actions or behavior. Talking Ben the Dog, a cranky chemistry professor, would perform more science experiments in the app if users bought extra bought packs of refills.

Outfit7 isn’t the one highly-ranked developer to have had management changes in recent weeks. Ian Spivey, one of the co-founders of TinyCo, which raised funding from Andreessen Horowitz, also recently left the company.