Outcast Launches 15-Second Livestreaming App on iOS

Outcast allows users to share their lives with the world, one 15-second broadcast at a time.

Livestreaming app Outcast has officially launched on iOS devices, allowing users to broadcast short snippets of their lives to viewers around the world. Outcast combines the basic idea from apps like Periscope and Meerkat with the permanent and looping nature of Vine or Instagram video, with broadcasts limited to 15 seconds in length.

Outcast aims to appeal to what it calls the “ADD generation” by allowing users to launch the app and instantly view a never-ending stream of content from other users. All users can view broadcasts, but interacting requires an account.

Users can post a like or dislike to each video (represented by a star and tomato, respectively), with the app’s goal being to allow each user the same chance at internet fame as everyone else. That is, while broadcasters have usernames and profile pictures, the app purposefully limits social interaction. Users can’t follow one another, so each video and user is reportedly guaranteed as large a potential audience as anyone else. Once broadcast, users can share their streams to Twitter, WhatsApp or Facebook.


However, to say the app ignores popularity altogether would be untrue, as a separate “Stars” menu allows users to view the top broadcasts from each day, or of all time, based on the number of likes posted to each video. These broadcasts can be viewed on demand, but no additional likes or dislikes can be posted when watching videos in this menu.

Commenting on the app’s short video time limit, Outcast founder and CEO, Eldar Tuvey, told us:

Our testing has shown this amount of time increases user interaction. The livestream of short videos creates an easy and engaging experience because viewers are quickly introduced to new subject matter. In addition, when one event is covered by multiple Outcast users, viewers are given a multifaceted experience. For example, if there were multiple casters at a football game, the footage would include a variety of vantage points, instead of a single perspective from one stream.

Outcast is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.