Outbreak Responder Strategy Game Brings Awareness to Malaria Prevention

Outbreak ResponderGlobal Gaming Initiative has released its newest game, Outbreak Responder, on iOS devices. The time management strategy game sees players assigning their workers to complete tasks relating to the prevention of the spread of Malaria in this virtual world, while racing against the clock. Outbreak Responder was created in partnership with Malaria No More, a charity whose mission is to end deaths from the preventable disease. Malaria No More will receive 50 percent of the game’s profits from in-app purchases.

In Outbreak Responder, players complete over 30 increasingly difficult missions by tapping on buildings to put their helpers to work collecting donations from huts, tapping on water holes to drain them (and prevent mosquitos from thriving in the village), and so on.

In each level, players complete actions in a step-by-step fashion. The most basic of actions sees players tapping on huts to send a worker to the family to collect donations. In other cases, where malaria may have already broken out in the village, players need to send workers to those homes with medicine to cure them. Families left untreated for long periods of time will die. After the families have been cured, they’ll start offering donations as well, continuing the cycle.Outbreak ResponderSome huts must first be unlocked for donations by sending a worker there to gain the citizens’ trust. Water holes, meanwhile, will generate malaria-carrying mosquitos after a period of time, so players need to spend their donations to drain these water holes as quickly as possible. Donations can also be used to further educate the townspeople about malaria, to hire additional workers so more tasks can be completed simultaneously, and more.

As players progress through levels, they unlock additional tools, like a speed boost that makes workers walk faster, and another that makes homes generate donations more quickly. Both of these last for a lengthy, but still limited amount of time. These cost coins to purchase mid-level, with coins being available to purchase with real money.

“We are thrilled to support Malaria No More through our new game Outbreak Responder,” said Elizabeth Sarquis, co-founder and CEO of Global Gaming Initiative, in a statement. “With Malaria No More and the power of mobile gaming, we can raise awareness on this deadly barrier to education, and once and for all end this ancient disease.”

Outbreak Responder is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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