Outbox, an App that Digitizes Your Snailmail

Outbox is a $4.99 per month subscription service that retrieves all of your physical mail 3 times each week, scans all of the papers, and shreds them before recycling. The digital files are available for you to peruse from your iPhone, iPad, or computer at anytime. You can also choose to have any mail re-delivered to you and Outbox will bring them to your door each week.

The company has more stringent checks than USPS, and its shredding system ensures that your documents are discarded safely with $1 million in identity theft protection. If you are a frequent traveler, you no longer have to get a neighbor to retrieve you mail while you are away. Outbox can also send your favorite magazines to friends for sharing while you are away.

The best part about Outbox is the ability to unsubscribe to magazines and junkmail. This service alone can un-clutter your mailbox and make receiving mail much more enjoyable. Outbox’s app comes with great organizing tools so you can separate your mail into separate folders or start to-do lists based on deadlines.

Outbox may be snailmail’s last hurrah, but it’s a great one. The digital mail service started in Austin and launched its first city wide service in San Francisco. Its service in Austin started with 500 testers, with a 97% retention rate. That’s an impressive stat for a start-up whose service depends on a decaying paper delivery system that just halted its Saturday delivery service. The company wants to expand to other cities soon, so New York and other large metropolitan areas should be expecting fun Postal Land services soon.