Out Of Print Book Gets New Life With Digital Reissue

While trying to find a copy of a self-help book he had enjoyed in the nineties called How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, author Frank Giovinazzi was surprised to discover that it was out of print and copies cost $30-100.

Giovinazzi wanted to read the Harry Browne book and realized that because of the price others did to. So he got the idea to publish a digital version and started by contacting the author’s estate.

Giovinazzi explains more on his blog: “I contacted his widow, Pamela Browne, along with her representative and asked them if they held the publishing rights and if they would allow me to issue the book in digital format. They were delighted to have the book issued in this format and we signed a contract – and if sales of this book support it, we are going to go ahead and publish other Harry Browne titles as well.”