Love to Love This Profile Baby

Out magazine catches up with a rejuvenated Giorgio Moroder.

OutMag_MoroderOut magazine senior editor Jason Lamphier’s interview with famed disco-era producer Giorgio Moroder is a funk-tastic way to get into the groove for summer. The piece includes hilarious photos of Moroder posing with loose disco balls and, of course, warm memories of Donna Summer, whose Love To Love You Baby launched Moroder into the stratosphere.

Moroder and Summer lost touch for several decades, before reconnecting on the west coast in 2010. From Lamphier’s piece:

Moroder had moved to Los Angeles, while Summer had been living in Nashville and Florida. She reached out to Moroder, saying she was interested in moving to LA, so he invited her to his high-rise in Westwood. She loved the building so much that she rented the apartment directly below his. They were in frequent contact and tossed around ideas for a reunion tour, but nothing ever came to fruition.

Only Summer’s immediate family knew of her [lung cancer] illness, but Moroder and his wife, Francisca, suspected she was sick. “About six months before she died, she sent me a letter and really thanked me — not just ‘thank you,’ but ‘you changed my life,’ ” he says. Moroder and Summer saw each other more in those two years than they had in the two-plus decades after they stopped recording together. He fondly remembers Summer overhearing him through the floor one day when he was tinkering with his keyboard. “After 10 minutes or so, she called and said, ‘Giorgio, what did you play? It was great!’ ” he says. “I was just improvising.”

Summer, who passed away in May 2012, would no doubt have gotten a kick out of the way Daft Punk’s album the following year plugged her pal into the EDM generation. Moroder’s album Déjà Vu, which features collaborations with Sia, Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue, comes out June 16. The Sia title track music video was released today and features Moroder cameoning as, basically, an Uber Black driver.