‘Out’ Lets Editorial Staff Go; EIC Plans to Rehire ‘Most’ Editors Into Start-Up

As of tomorrow, the editorial staff of Out will be laid off with one month’s severance, according to Capital. That said, editor-in-chief Aaron Hicklin has indicated he’ll bring back “most” editors into Grand Editorial, a new company he’s building.

Hicklin indicated there won’t be changes to the magazine’s content or the frequency of issues. He told Capital, “This was not a cost-cutting measure.”

Grand Editorial’s plans are to work on projects to produce magazines for corporate clients, as pointed out by Capital. With plans to offer long-term contracts to his editors for his new venture, they’ll get flexible hours as contracted freelancers. Plus, they will be able to work on other projects within the new venture.

He explained to Capital, “I felt I was at a place where I had enough experience and relationships to parlay that into an agency that would provide a sort of editorial consultancy and content for other titles and corporate clients.”

In an official press release published by Capitol, Hicklin expressed his excitement for the new venture which includes Out as a client. He stated, “Grand Editorial will include familiar faces and core talent from Out. It’s no secret that the media landscape is changing rapidly, and I think our talent will find this new approach both more flexible as well as empowering.

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