Out in Left Field

Political reporters on the campaign trail are packing their bags and heading South for the winter. After yesterday’s primary in New Hampshire, there is a full 10 days before South Carolina holds it’s primary on Saturday, January 21. Fortunately, we’ll always have the memories. And thanks to social media, we’ll have the pictures. There seems to be a trend among some journos to take the “obligatory crowd shot” of events they are attending. It gives us, the reader, the opportunity to see the crowd and get a feel of what’s happening on the ground. For example, here’s a shot from Sam Youngman of Reuters at a Rick Santorum event:

Or here’s a shot from Slate’s Dave Weigel at a Ron Paul event:

Overall, it’s boring stuff, but it serves a purpose. It’s all about showing us what it’s like to be there. Crowded rooms and doughy constituents lining up to catch a glimpse of their candidate.

Unless you are Michelle Fields, from The Daily Caller. Instead of showing us the crowd or the candidate, she showed us, who else, herself.

Thanks, Michelle! We were just sitting around thinking that all the New Hampshire primary coverage was missing was Glamour Shots of reporters on the ground. This shouldn’t come as much of a shock since her style thus far has been “Show, Not Tell.”