Our Talented Brother

FishbowlNY is dropping mad knowledge–and humor–today with two interesting and notable posts.

  • FishbowlNY notes that Tony Snow’s website is still active (and asks “why”?) and points out this: “Snow’s site had posted versions of the 12 cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that ignited a firestorm when they appeared in a Danish newspaper in September. They’re still up there, with a disclaimer that they are “fake.” It’s a disclaimer that probably appeased Fox execs at the time. Trouble is, they don’t look fake.

    “In any event, it begs the question(s): Why is any part of the site still up? And is Snow’s elevated profile and documented history as a pundit going to smack the White House in the face every time a political controversy arises?”

  • And damn if this didn’t make us giggle:

    Other interesting Snow stuff from around the web today:

  • Ron Nessen, White House press secretary under Gerald Ford (and, like Snow, a journalist-turned-spokesperson) has some advice for the new guy.

  • Jay Rosen weighs in

  • Doing her best Public Enemy impersonation, TNR’s Michelle Cottle raps, “Don’t Believe the Tony Snow Hype.”