Our Social Plans For Tonight Include Traveling In, And Then Looking At, Some Taxis


Designing the Taxi, an exhibition presented by Parsons the New School for Design, opens tonight. We have received no fewer than seven and no more than eight separate invitations from less than four but more than two different people, which makes us think that either a) this is the hottest ticket in town or b) they really really want people to go. The exhibition’s based on two workshops/meetings/discussions held at Parsons a while ago, one of which we strolled in to and just as quickly strolled out when things got a little out of hand and Sidekick started misbehaving.

But we are totally psyched for the show, which officially opens tomorrow. Participants include Pentagram (omg that means Michael’s gonna be there maybe we hope yay!), Fox & Fowle, Antenna Design, Springtime, and “Erhan Tuncel, Taxi Driver,” among others.

As always, we’re taking our reporters’ acuity and our cameraphone. Party report tomorrow…