Our Site Is “Busy” and We Like It That Way! Hmph.


If you’ve started to notice a web trend toward lots of white space, that big, blocky text, and that kinda-sorta-3D feel, you probably should have written this recent posting on Web Design from Scratch. But since you didn’t, now you’ll have to at least read it, as it provides some good, far-more-thorough-than-“hey, I did notice that!” insight as to why these sites look the way they do, how they function, and why it works. They do not, however, make mention of having picked sites that look really similar to their own, but that is neither here nor there. If you want alternatives, maybe now you’ll sit down and write, “The Best of Flash Sites” (please, oh, please don’t forget to nominated my highly interactive Betty White biographical info page). Here’s a little bit on the afformentioned 3D trickery:

Every single one of the hotties uses gradients subtly, either to give bars a slight roundedness, to create a soft feeling of space in the background, or to make an icon stand out with embossing and subtle drop-shadows. Reflections & fades are very prevalent. Drop-shadows are still used, but with care.