Our Phones Are Getting Social

Over the past couple days there has been a bunch of buzz about MTV’s new latin-focused mobile based social network. The new social network is called Con3xion. According to Marketing Vox, “San Diego-based mobile social networking company Intercasting will provide its Anthem platform to create a simple interface for users to ‘view photos, send and receive messages, post comments and search profiles.'”

Recently, I’ve been talking with a number of executives about their thoughts on mobile. The responses have been widely varied. While mobile technology is growing in the U.S. our mobile technologies still fall behind international markets where mobile has become ubiquitous. It is so widespread that in most countries, mobile use is more common then computer use. This is not to say that mobile will not be booming in the U.S. Many people in the U.S. complain about the lack of flash support but over the next couple years we will see more robust applications appear on our mobile devices.

I have a feeling that Google’s Android platform will be one of the primary driving forces in mobile technology. I would guess that the same boom that we’ve witnessed for web 2.0 startups will be repeated with mobile devices. Many of the industry thought leaders also see mobile as the future and that’s why they are beginning to invest heavily in mobile technologies. Just ask the advisors at LaunchBox Digital, a new seed financing investment fund based out of Washington, D.C.

One of their primary investments is going to be in new mobile technologies and other technologies focused on the social web. This is just the beginning of a new trend that started a couple years back but is now starting to gain traction. The social revolution on the web is in full force. In the U.S. the mobile social revolution is just getting started. What mobile technologies are you looking forward to?