Our Love of License Plates Is Forced to Continue


Well we tried, we really tried, but you people have spoken and you apparently have projected a new title onto this site of ours: “UnBeige: All Things License Plates.” So, for this week’s round of license plate design coverage, the first reader submitted bit of news comes from The Journal News“The Story Behind Vanity Plates,” which is about Stefan Lonce, an author who is putting together a book called “License to Rome: Vanity Plates and the Stories The Tell.” It’s a pretty interesting piece, talking to Lonce on how he went about finding people to talk about their vanity plates and what exactly they mean. Second up comes another reader submitted story from Delaware’s Cape Gazette, “No. 6 Delaware License Plate Draws a Record $675,000 at Auction,” which is exactly what it sounds like, someone paying a ridiculous amount of money for a rare plate, after a very bizarre bidding war that took kind of everyone by storm. So there’s this week’s license plate review. And since we’re seemingly finding our way into some niche that people are desperate to hear about, should you happen upon some hot new plate news, send it this way, eh?