Our Final List Round-Up of 2008!

More lists! Maybe itemizing things makes the terrible year media we just suffered easier to bear. Also it’s a fun way to fill the time between now and opening the champagne. Anyway, here’s the final installment:

  • Rex Sorgatz has put together a very smart list of this year’s most notable blogs. Parts of which made us wonder if we spend enough time on the Internet! The list includes the notable likes of, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Nate Silver, NYT.com, Kanye West, Ana Marie Cox, and something called Single Serving Blogs — Rex explains it all here!
  • Twitter! And lots of it, in the form of the top twenty Twitter posts of 2008.
  • Over at TVNewser you can take your pick of any number of lists and polls. In fact you might call it a list and poll bonanza! We’re not kidding, go see for yourself.
  • Meanwhile over at Galley Cat, you can find a round-up of 2008 stories divided into months. Seriously industrious.
  • Andrew Sullivan is posting the winners of the 2008 Daily Dish Awards.
  • Of course if none of this will suffice, there is always George Bush’s reading list.
  • And speaking of reading lists, here’s a sort of list of memoirs that didn’t make it past the ever vigilant guardians of the publishing world.