Our Favorite Sentence of the Day

marryme07cover2.jpg“Last Christmas, they unknowingly got each other matching Glocks.”

This romantic string of words comes courtesy of the Squeeze OC “Marry Me” Contest winner story. The guy on the cover there is Matt, who won a diamond ring and a chance to publicly propose to his girlfriend Kelli.

Why did the couple give each other Glocks? Why is he posed on a Harley (Is a black hog the new white horse)? We had many questions, so we bugged Web editor Erlina Tulabut for the skinny. Here’s what she said:

In the end it was a neck-and-neck between two finalists. The other guy — who I won’t name because I don’t know if his girlfriend knows he applied to the contest — was very sweet and obviously in love as well, but we got the impression that a simple and private proposal would’ve have suited their personalities just as well as a proposal made in front of the whole county.

So we chose Matt, who as I mentioned in the story, we expected to be cocky and full of himself. But he was nice, and nervous, and came in with something that looked like a book report about his and Kelli’s life together. He loves this girl, they have an interesting story and matching Glocks, so obviously, we had to put him on the cover.

Did I laugh when I wrote about the guns? Of course. Actually, I laughed more when he told us about it in the interview. After his interview our panel agreed that we really liked him, but wondered, “Is this guy for real?” Photographer Steve Zylius was sure it he was Jamie Kennedy in disguise.

We left it up to Matt to decide how he wanted to pose for the cover. We wanted it to mean something to both of them. Who cares if the rest of the world wonders why the guy in is on a Harley?

The issue came out yesterday, but he actually surprised her with an
advanced copy of the mag on Wednesday. We didn’t want her walking by a rack and seeing the magazine before he surprised her with it.

Did you see the video? There’s a link to it in the story. We came to the Vespa dealership where she works under the guise that we were working on a story about Vespas. The plan was to start interviewing her, then present her with the latest issue. Matt, who was hiding outside the dealership and peeking through a window would then come in, get down on his knee and give her the ring he won. Her family (who drove in from Arizona that morning) along with Matt’s family were also waiting outside to surprise her. Almost worked like a charm, except that she didn’t want to be on camera, and was kind of mean about it. But she later apologized … about 30 times.