Our Favorite Apps for Music Discovery: Our Ten Best Stories of the Week

For your weekend reading pleasure, here are the most popular AppNewser headlines of the week.

They include a list of our top 10 apps for music discovery, 250 free art books from Getty Publications, and great apps like Dr.Dre Beats and Fixed for parking tickets. We’re also sharing some bonus links to free books you can download this weekend.

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Top 10 Apps for Music Discovery

Getty Publications Launches Virtual Library With 250 Free Digital Titles

Not Sure if You Want to Buy? Amazon’s Anticipatory Shipping Will Send it Anyways

Fixed: An App That Helps You Fight Your Parking Tickets

Dr. Dre’s ‘Beats Music’ Streaming App Launches

Why You Should Keep Separate Devices for Work and Play

Another Sex App is Being Developed for Google Glass

Security Researcher Accesses Healthcare.Gov for 4 Minutes, Retrieves 70,000 Records

Infographic: Great Mobile Apps That Will Pay You

Positive Selfie Endorsement: Dove’s New Short Film Helps Girls Redefine Beauty


Free eBooks you can download this weekend only!

A Short History of the World


Ctrl+Alt+Del(Transform your problems into accomplishments)

Liam’s Story (Saturday only)

This Life (Saturday only)