Our Expanded Coverage of the Shrinking New York Times

nyt09.08.08.jpgLate on Friday, The New York Times announced it would combine its Metro and Sports sections into section A and Business Day, respectively, in Metropolitan editions, effective October 6. The move is an attempt to save money by increasing the number of single print runs at the Queens printing facility. There will be “no lost of content for the readers,” according to an email sent by Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, but there will be a later deadline for business news on Monday nights and a free-standing Arts section on Saturdays.

The change allows the Times to eliminate the need for double printing runs on multiple nights at the printing facility, which will of course save money. No one bothered to mention if or how jobs at the facility will be affected, except to note that overtime pay will be reduced.

While the new format marks a change, the paper only went to the many section format about 10 years ago. Get used to it, people; at least the Times didn’t fold.

But what does the media world think about the moves?

Media Mob, which scored the scoop, has Sulzberger’s memo, as well as Bill Keller’s missive to his staff, in which he admits the new format could be “a little less convenient” to some readers.

The Associated Press writes “overtime expenses for employees at the New York Times Co.’s printing plant in Queens” will be reduced.

Editor & Publisher reported the Queens facility can print four sections at a time.

Gothamist points out the paper’s lagging advertising revenue.

More info then you could ever need here.