Our 14 Biggest Posts of 2014


Wow, 2014. It’s already time to say goodbye, but we feel like we just met you!

You know what, though? We don’t think we’ll be missing 2014 too much. If we were managing social media for a youthful, “horizon-scanning” lifestyle brand, we might use the opportunity to say “kthnxbai, bruh” to a year that was definitely not “on fleek.

Over the past few days, we’ve shared the year in #PRFail, the year in social media predictions, the year in viral stories, and the biggest “winners” and “losers” of the past twelve months. Now it’s time to look inward…at our own traffic numbers. PRNewser didn’t quite succeed in trolling every journalist we follow on Twitter this year, but we still scored a few hits throughout 2014.

Here, then, are our top “earned media” wins from the past 365 days, listed in reverse order by clicks.

14. Associated Press Says “Over” and “More Than” Are Now the Same Thing


13. The 4 Culprits Behind PR’s High Turnover Rates

On a serious note, Laurent Lawrence of PRSA explored one of the industry’s most persistent challenges in 2014’s top guest post.

12. Angry Tech Exec’s Note to NYT Reporter Must Be Seen to Be Believed

#NotAllTechExecutives are as bad as Nameless Dude, but the Biggest Tech Douche of 2014 competition is a last-minute toss-up between him and and Ride-Sharing Guy.

11. Here’s How NOT to Respond to a Copyright Issue

Does anyone think the Internet will learn not to steal stuff from other people in 2015? We’re taking bets.

10. Watch America Teach Fox News About Gender-Neutral Restrooms

“Never change, Steve Doocy.” – America

9. 16 Rooftop Heated Bars for Winter Celebrations

Hey, fellow New Yorkers: Most of these venues are still open for 2015 events…

8. American Apparel Mistakes Challenger Explosion for Fireworks

Finally, a screw-up that can’t be blamed on Terry Richardson’s even creepier alter ego.

7. Will Sochi Winter Olympics Win the “Worst PR Ever” Award?

Well, did it?

6. CNN Spins Its Breakup with Dish Network

The only battle CNN won in 2014.

5. Bad PR: Malaysia Airlines’ “Ultimate Bucket List” Competition

smh :-\

4. Fifty Shades of Grey Is Having Some Performance Issues

2015 SEO pro tip: put “Fifty Shades of Grey” in front of anything.

3. Apple Insider Spills Secrets: “This Isn’t PR. This Is Something Else.”

Apple will be just fine in 2015, but our biggest scoop of the year helped us realize that a spot on the company’s international PR team might not be our “dream gig” after all.

2. Melissa McCarthy Launches a Plus-Sized Clothing Line

Note to Lululemon, Calvin Klein, et al: THIS is how you do it.

1. Pamela Anderson Sort of Ruined the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

In which PETA confirmed that people still read email newsletters.

Thanks for the clicks, everyone. Here’s to a great 2015.