OUP to Launch New Service for Papers & Monographs

The Oxford University Press announced Sunday night that they were launching a new way for university presses to publish and distribute their digital works.

University Press Scholarship Online offers an easily searchable single access point for digital monographs from any number of university presses. It’s going to launch with around 7 thousand titles spread across 21 subject areas and published by 5 presses, and more are going to be added in March. All the content will be available in a cross-referenced and tagged XML form with extensive metadata.  Users can view the content online, download it as a PDF, and later this year they’ll also get a mobile viewing option.

Timothy Wright, Chief Executive of Edinburgh University Press, has commented that “the unprecedented speed of change in the electronic publishing environment presents both challenges and significant opportunities for publishers. We are delighted to be working with Oxford University Press and specifically with University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO). They have a great deal of experience of working with a global network of academic institutions, libraries and scholars. This presence will enable Edinburgh to continue to innovate in how we sell our books and journals using a single online platform whilst maintaining our individual branding”.

The partner presses so far include Fordham University Press (Fordham Scholarship Online/FSO), The American University in Cairo Press (Cairo Scholarship Online/CSO), The University Press of Kentucky (Kentucky Scholarship Online/KSO), University Press of Florida (Florida Scholarship Online/FLASO), and Hong Kong University Press (Hong Kong Scholarship Online/HKSO).