OUAT’s Murder in Provence brings more hidden object options to Facebook

Image via OUAT Entertainment

OUAT Entertainment is the latest Facebook developer to try its hand at a mystery-fueled hidden object game with Murder in Provence. The game follows the likes of Pretty Simple Games’ Criminal Case and Zynga’s Hidden Shadows, and is filled with hidden object scenes and puzzles that players must complete to reveal the game’s secrets.

Murder in Provence follows a young woman on a search for her sister that quickly turns far darker than the case of a missing person. The game’s story progresses in a linear fashion, offering new hidden object scenes and puzzles one right after another, but also encouraging players to repeatedly completely hidden object scenes to earn stars.

These stars unlock puzzles, including tile swapping puzzles and logic puzzles, and players can purchase clues using coins if they get stuck. This brings a revenue stream to the game, as players can spend real money on virtual and premium currency, as well as additional energy used to complete activities. The game also forces players to wait to unlock new scenes as the hero character “travels” within the story, but this too can be sped up with the use of real money.

Murder in Provence launched earlier this month, and has already climbed to over 320,000 monthly active players, according to our app tracking service AppData. The app’s growth is slow but steady, having gained 85,000 players in the last seven days. You can follow the game’s continued growth on AppData.