OtterBox Latch for iPad: Unique Case for Field Use

OtterBox cases are so distinctive you can probably identify their products with just a glance. Their latest iPad case, however, is so different from their earlier products that you will definitely appreciate the giant yellow lettering to ID it.
OtterBox Utility Series Latch for iPad
The Latch for iPad is intended for people who use their iPad in field environment and want to literally keep a grip on it. It provides several ways to keep it on or about your body:
– Latch with adjustable handstrap
– Adjustable elastic strap with Velcro to secure it to your leg (or the back of a car seat headrest)
– Lanyard to hang the case
– S-biner utility clip to clip to a belt
This grabbag of clips and straps are stored in an accessory bag that is part of the case. It can also be used as an iPad stand. A lightweight, but not waterproof, screen cover is also part of the mix.

OtterBox’s Q&A says they have not tested it for fit with an iPad 2. However, if it can fit an iPad “1”, I would guess it should also fit the thinner iPad 2.