OtterBox Commuter Series Cases for the Droid Incredible and HTC EVO

In the good old days, smartphones and PDAs sometimes came with custom cases. This was a great boon since there usually wasn’t much in the way of a third party accessory industry for all but the most popular devices. This is still the case. If you have an iPhone, you are in pretty good shape. However, the range of choices for accessories like custom fit cases are slim for nearly every other make and model. There is some hope for owners of various Android smartphones, however.

OtterBox, they of the tough as nails cases fame, announced versions of their open-faced Commuter series cases for the Droid Incredible and HTV EVO.

OtterBox: Keeping Smartphones Incredible One Device at a Time

Amplify Your HTC EVO Experience with OtterBox

Droid Incredible owners looking for something a bit more protective might be interested to learn that OtterBox is has their nearly totally enclosed (front cover included) Defender Series case in the queue for that phone.