Otis Study Shows That “Creative Industries” Dominate LA’s Economy


A new study by Otis College of Arts and Design confirms what most design-savvy Southern California residents probably already knew:

“Prepared by Jack Kyser, Chief Economist of the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), the key findings are stunning–including one million direct and indirect jobs generated by the creative industries in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Far from being a “supporting player” in the LA Economy, the creative industries lead the pack, surpassing the two long time “traditional” leaders–International Trade and Tourism.”

Right, probably not news to any of us. But this is the kind of data that designers are constantly craving to prove their clout in the local economy, and it seems that Otis has nailed it by lumping design with other similar creative pursuits. The LA Times picks it up, and on “Which Way, L.A.?Warren Olney ties Otis’ study into another study about arts education, which could mean that in a creatively-driven economy like LA’s, kids would be better served by more arts and industrial design classes.

: LA’s having a good week, it was also named the best place for artists to live by BusinessWeek and Sperling’s Best Places.