Oscars Taking TV Ads

The Oscars, long the PBS of awards shows with no commercials, will now start allowing TV ads for movies, Variety is reporting .

The Academy Board of Governors voted to allow ads starting next year in the 81st Annual Oscars show.

The board voted to for a limited number of spots for movies that will not open until the last week of April at the earliest, according to Academy president Sid Ganis.

This means that none of the nominated film can be tubthumped during the telecast. Ads for sequels or prequels to pics in contention in the picture, documentary and animation categories will also not be allowed.

The Oscars will allow one spot per distributor, and the spot must be one that has not yet run anywhere else. Academy will not allow the use of the terms “Oscar” or “Academy Award” in the blurb.

“We’ve been talking about it a lot,” Ganis said. “We’re a celebration of movies, and here is a way to get new movies out there in addition to celebrating movies from the previous year.”

Ganis would not disclose the vote tally other than to say that after the committee made its recommendation, “the gang was all for it.”

“We had a good, solid, intelligent discussion among board members from every branch of the academy,” he said. “And we decided we should certainly give it a try, and hopefully, with good, solid ground rules, it’ll work just fine.”