Live From the Oscars Press Room…

OscarAllAccessAppThanks to this year’s nifty “All Access” App (pictured), it was possible to watch winners visit the backstage press room without actually having to be in the press room, suited up in journalist formal wear. So bravo to the Academy for giving us the ability – from the comfort of home – to track the various reporter tactics attempted deep in the bowels of the Kodak Theater.

NPR’s Amy Walters tried to get Best Adapted Screenplay winner Aaron Sorkin to bite on a Mark Zuckerberg tease, wondering how the writer felt about his subject now. But Sorkin expertly dodged the Q-trap, commending Zuckerberg for his recent Saturday Night Live appearance and suggesting that no one would want to have a film made about their behavior at age 19.

Also present backstage was E! Online rabblerouser Ted Casablanca, who can always be counted on for a baiting question or two. He ambushed Best Supporting Actor Christian Bale with a Charlie Sheen curve ball. Thankfully, Bale has been in China for the last month shooting, so he replied honestly that he had “no clue” about the embattled TV star.

Sometimes, the best questions are the ones that get no real answer. IMDb managing editor Keith Simanton was curious if the four-man Inception Best Visual Effects crew could point to a sequence in the film about which they were embarrassed and wished could redone. No, they answered, adding that was probably why they had won the Oscar.

It’s not easy jockeying for position backstage at the Oscars and holding up those numbered signs. Among the clear winners tonight in the mic hustle category were David Cohen (Variety), Jeanne Wolf ( and Bonnie Brooksbank (USC). Inexplicably, turned off the backstage access in favor of a Governor’s Ball feed before Tom Hooper, Natalie Portman and Colin Firth made it to the press room.