Oscar.com, Facebook Team on Red Carpet Coverage

This Sunday, among the more popular Facebook status update may be “who are you wearing?”

That’s because Oscar.com is infusing it’s pre-Oscar show with social media. On Sunday Mar. 7, from 6:00 p.m. EST to 8:00 p.m., the site will stream the Oscar red carpet up until the opening curtain. And during that live stream fans will be able to post questions and comments on the site via Facebook Connect—some of which will be shared with the stars attending the show.

The comment-while-you-watch-via-Facebook treatment has become popular with several live events, including President Obama’s inauguration and Michael Jackson’s funeral last year—both times on CNN.com.

In addition, besides the planned pre-show streaming, Oscar.com has launched an original series Road to the Oscars, hosted by Chris Harrison of The Bachelor. Plus, during the Oscar broadcast on ABC the site will feature backstage video coverage of the event, footage from the press room, as well as a special video feed through which winners can offer extended thank you messages.