Oscar Nominated Shorts on Salon

Oscar Nominated Shorts on Salon

cover.jpgIn anticipation of Sunday’s Academy awards on Sunday, Salon has all five nominated shorts on their site. Like the Designer Series interviews by Hillman Curtis that I posted about yesterday, these shorts are very well-suited to viewing on your monitor. (So long as you are on a broadband connection.)

My last job, pre-dotcom-bust, was as the Chief Creative Officer (those were the days) of a consumer-oriented streaming video company. This was in 2000, and it was way too soon for that kind of thing – broadband was just not available to a mass audience yet. It’s taken a while, but we’ve come a long way baby. I didn’t dig too hard, but I found this a Pew/Internet press release from April of last year:

68 million Americans – or 34% of all adult Americans- have access to high-speed Internet connections either at home or on the job.
48 million Americans – or 24% of all adult Americans – have high-speed access at home.
Home broadband adoption is up 60% since March 2003, with half of that growth since November 2003.

So, assuming you’re one of those 68 million people at work now, you should really check out these shorts. As they say on the Salon site:

These shorts showcase some of the most inventive storytelling and dazzling visuals of any of the films opening each year, they come in the perfect bite-size portions for the busy aesthete with a modern attention span… they spotlight innovations in technology and allow us fast, powerful looks into different worlds, but they usually offer the distinct voices of independent artists who are working outside (and sometimes continents away from) the Hollywood studio system.