Oscar Niemeyer in Battle Over Niemeyer-Designed Skyline

One of the original starchitects and long life expert, Oscar Niemeyer, has entered a very curious battle within the capital of Brazil between himself and, well, himself. Almost 50 years ago, the architect built Brasilia’s skyline almost entirely from scratch and now, in honor of the achievement, Niemeyer proposed building a new 1,000 foot curved building right in the center of the city, to be finished for the half-century mark in 2010. However, a large group has formed to protest the proposal, saying it would completely destroy the aesthetics of Brasilia’s Niemeyer-designed skyline. And as the voices got louder and the economy started going sour, the government has decided to put the whole project on hold, meaning Niemeyer has an ever larger battle with his younger self. Here’s a bit:

Defending his proposal in a letter to the public in the newspaper Correio Braziliense, Niemeyer said he was startled by the controversy and described his inspiration.

“In my last visit, I could feel with clarity the need to create a plaza on a compatible scale with the capital of a country so admired such as our own,” he wrote.

But voices against the project now include the local coordinator of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.