Oscar media miscellany: bad night for gays, bad night for Jon Stewart, bad night for ABC

– The media is all a-chatter about the ‘Crash’ upset, the conventional wisdom being that, when all is said and done, the gayness of ‘Brokeback Mountain’ made the Academy squeamish. Which is weird, because I thought ‘Crash’ was kind of gay, or at least suspiciously well art-directed, if you know what I mean.

– Everyone also seems to agree that Jon Stewart didn’t quite deliver. And given that preliminary ratings put the audience down ten percent from last year, it does seem pretty likely that he won’t be invited back. So, next year, will AMPAS return to a safe-seeming proven host (Whoopi? Billy? Steve?) or go edgier (Howard? Dane? Andrew W.K.?)?

– I’m sure that George Clooney means well, and he’s pretty smart for an actor, but am I allowed to say I find him a little pedantic?