Oscar Mayer Using Facebook In Campaign To Feed Hungry Families

Oscar Mayer is on a mission to deliver 2 million pounds of food to families in need through its Good Mood Mission campaign, and it’s turning to Facebook to help realize that goal. The famous lunch meat brand has already committed to donating the first million pounds of food, and has pledged to donate a pound of food for each “good mood” shared through its Web site, which it is promoting through a new Facebook page.

A “mood” apparently can be whatever you’re feeling.

The brand officially kicked off the campaign yesterday in Los Angeles with a special event hosted by actress Kristen Chenowith, who is the campaign spokeswoman. Oscar Mayer is cross-promoting the Good Mood Mission through its Twitter accounts, YouTube channel, “Hotdogger” Blog, and on the ground with its fleet of iconic Wienermobiles.

The Oscar Mayer fan page has only been around for about a week — timed with the launch of the Good Mood Mission campaign — and currently has about 2,400 fans. With more than 125,000 mood comments already shared on the Oscar Mayer site, the campaign is serving to both help hungry families and drive fans to the new Facebook page. While there is a dedicated Good Mood Mission tab on the Facebook page, it’s only redirecting users to the official Oscar Mayer site, its blog and the brand’s YouTube channel. The official site does feature Facebook Connect, which should help the Facebook page continue to quickly grow.