Oscar Mayer’s ‘Bacon Barter’ Asks: Would You Take Bacon Instead of Cash?

360i and Oscar Mayer have put America’s shameless love of bacon to the ultimate test by sending Josh Sankey on a cross-country adventure with only a truckload of bacon to trade for shelter, non-bacon-food, and other expenses. That’s right, no cash, no checks, no credit cards–Sankey will rely solely on the kindness bacon cravings of strangers. Skeptical? Clearly, you underestimate America’s love of salty pigfat and our blatant disregard for cardiovascular health; he’s already successfully bartered for Jets tickets, a bag of ice, and a wedding invitation. Seriously.

If you’re curious what Sankey might “buy” next, you can follow him on his journey at BaconBarter.com. And, if you’d like to know how much bacon your stuff is worth (or if you simply forgot to pick up breakfast meat on your last trip to the grocery store), you can get in on the bacon-bartering-action via Facebook, Twitter and email.

So heads-up America: if you’re selling something a weary traveler may need, or have a particularly comfy-looking couch, don’t be too surprised if next time there’s a knock on your door it’s Sankey offering you a brick or two of bacon for what you’ve got to offer him. Just make sure to keep the Lipitor handy.