Oscar host announcement media flashback

js.jpgFrom today’s NYT:

Gil Cates, the producer of the Oscar telecast, scheduled for March 5, said that he was thrilled to have gotten Mr. Stewart to take the gig.

“He’s young, he appeals to an audience that the Oscars are always striving to attract – the young guys,” Mr. Cates said. “You need a stand-up comic, someone not afraid to face the room, not afraid to deal with the unexpected, someone with the testosterone to do it – man or woman.”

From the NYT of January 20, 2005:

The casting of the acerbic Mr. Rock as host of the 77th annual Oscars, which ABC will broadcast on Feb. 27, is an untraditional move for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which in recent years has chosen less caustic comedians like Billy Crystal and Steve Martin to serve as M.C.

”Edgy is the word that keeps coming up,” Bruce Davis, the academy’s executive director, said. ”I like to hear that people are nervous, because that means you’re more likely to watch.”

With ratings for NBC’s Golden Globes broadcast down 40 percent from a year ago and few of the expected nominees doing huge box-office numbers, an even heavier weight to both attract and keep an audience is being placed on Mr. Rock’s narrow shoulders. Gilbert Cates, the executive producer of the broadcast, said he was also hoping that Mr. Rock would draw more young male viewers than have watched recent Oscar shows.

Projecting forward, I’m expecting the 2007 Oscars to be hosted by Dane Cook.