Orioles and Lassie

Some amusing reading to start this morning:

  • The Post defends its ongoing coverage of the Orioles despite a new hometown team–the objections are so vehement that the paper is setting up a special discussion board for the subject. Sports Editor Emilio Garcia-Ruiz writes “It is not our place to choose sides in this rivalry. Our job is to serve our readers — all our readers — the best we can by providing the most extensive coverage possible.”

  • Columnist Joel Achenbach, author of the Achenblog, recounts the lessons he imparted (and didn’t) to his journalism students this semester. Among the lessons? “I never taught them that they can always get on the front page with stories about dogs, or the weather, or celebrities, or attractive individuals dying of diseases no one has ever heard of. I never taught them that every reporter I know prays for a story with a headline like ‘Tornado Puts Lassie Out of Her Misery.'”

  • Slate’s Timothy Noah polls readers about the NYT’s new pay service and finds results similiar to our poll last week. Readers would pay about 31 cents to read John Tierney and about twenty times as much to read Krugman.