Organize Your Photos & Videos with Flayvr

If you are anything like me, your phone is loaded with images and videos from all around your life. Maybe you’ve got pictures of your kids, pictures of your friends, pictures you’ve taken while reporting, pictures you’ve taken while out at events.

To help organize all of this media into different folders based on the various parts of your life, check out flayvr. The free app, which has been available as an iOS app for a few months and just launched for Android today, lets you organize your images and videos into folders based on the occasion and then share folders with select people based on what is in the file.

Check it out:

flayvr recognizes photos and videos taken at the same event and builds an album out of them…Your flayvr timeline automatically displays all your albums, photos and videos sorted by time and location…Your flayvr albums can be shared personally or across social networks.