Organize Your Digital Social Life With Gesture-Based HopIn App

If you are like most media professionals, you are probably reading and sharing all kinds of content from all over the Internet these days.

If your iPad is your device of choice, then this can be clumsy if you are jumping between apps and the mobile Web. In a move to help you bookmark and share all of your favorite content within one location, a company called HopIn has created a new free iPad app for collecting digital content using gestures.

The iTunes description explains what this means: “The next time you come across something that you’d like to keep or share, just double-tap, and slide to send. It’s that simple. At the end of the day, if you just want to sift through the collection you’ve made, HopIn stores it all on your Timeline. So you can go back and slide through whenever you want.”

You can integrate your HopIn account with Facebook and you can also follow your friends within HopIn to make it more social. Follow this link to check out a video demo.