Organize Digital Data in One Central Location

Scientific American believes that the average U.S. household will have over a terabyte of data saved by 2010. As the number of photos, videos, music and documents we save increases, it has become increasingly difficult to manage. Don’t let the digital age turn into a digital nightmare, PutPlace wants to make sure you keep tabs on everything.In a nutshell, PutPlace lets you organize your stuff. All of those files that are scattered across old computers and mobile devices can be saved to a single location.

According to the company:

File formats change all the time. An all-too-common side effect of upgrading to a new computer is lost data. PutPlace future-proofs your priceless files and protects them for future generations. Don’t let a hard drive meltdown, nasty virus or stolen laptop wipe out years of memories.

Don’t forget about all of the digital items that aren’t even saved on a physical machine. From Flickr to YouTube, PutPlace lets you share your files with a click of a mouse, all while keeping them in a central location. Cooler yet, the system will keep a record of what versions of your files went where. No more wondering if that embarrassing video got uploaded when you were drunk or if an outdated version of your resume (with some white lies) is floating around.

Features include:

* Set and forget automated backup
* Access your files from anywhere
* Quick and secure
* Full backup of all your changes
* Works with all file formats

You can get started in about 40 seconds for free. But hurry! Once the site emerges from its beta phase, you can expect to pay on an annual basis.

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