Organization’s Plan to Respond to Investigative Story Leaked

ProPublica published a story that investigated the state of the nation’s dialysis services.

According to the story, ProPublica read “thousands” of inspection reports and interviewed more than 100 people including patients and doctors, finding that conditions for dialysis treatment “are unsanitary and prone to perilous lapses in care” and “regulators have few tools and little will to enforce quality standards.” The story goes into further detail, recounting the stories of patients who have died.

Kidney Care Partners (KCP), an organization representing dialysis providers and others, drafted a plan to respond to the story that was leaked and also published on ProPublica. Later, the organization drafted a statement defending the “quality of kidney care in America” and saying the story fails to give the “full picture.”

What do you think of KCP’s response? And how damaging is this for the organization?