Organization of News Ombudsmen Launches New Site

The Organization of News Ombudsmen launched a new Website that it said will serve as both a hub for the international organization and a “guidepost” for readers.

The ONO said the site will include: columns, articles, and blog posts written by or about ombudsmen; blogs and articles focusing on media criticism; a place for news consumers to discuss media and connect with ombudsmen from around the world; information on members and membership; links to the Websites of ombudsmen and ONO members around the world, as well as to other journalism watchdog sites; an events calendar; and a form for subscribing to an online newsletter.

The group added:

As media are changing, so is the role of the ombudsmen (also known as public editors), and the new Website promises to be an important source for clarity and neutrality. By compiling media criticism and encouraging public interaction, is a necessary companion for navigating the news.