O’Reilly Books Just Released a Work in Progress eBook

Joe Wikert, general manager and publisher for technical publisher O’Reilly Books, just announced a new project.

O’Reilly Books is known for experimenting, having paved the way with DRM-free ebooks, paper/digital bundles, and novel marketing methods. This eBook is another experiment. To be more exact, Joe called it “a collection of publishing experiments packaged as an ebook.”

The book is called Every Book is a Startup, and right now it’s only 28 pages long. It’s short because it’s not done yet. O’Reilly plans to use this eBook to try to bring the Agile method of software development to eBooks. The idea is to release an eBook that’s just useful enough that people will buy it, and then add content to the eBook as time goes on. That future content is going to depend on reader feedback and requests.

Of course, there’s a catch. the eBook is selling right now for $5, but as content is added the price will go up.