O’Reilly Android Apps Gaining on iPhone Counterparts

O’Reilly oreilly.pngsells eBook apps–which, the company says, are, at this point, mostly digital versions of its print books–on both iPhone and Android devices. They’re available on iPhone through Stanza and through Aldiko for Android phones. A blogger for O’Reilly Radar whose been tracking sales on both platforms reported yesterday that, while iPhone still has a huge lead, the Android apps are suddenly gaining on their iPhone counterparts.

According to Andrew Savikas of O’Reilly, “The last time I checked about two months ago, Android apps were tracking at about 10% of iPhone sales for the same title. But a look at the past two weeks of sales across 200 apps available on both platforms shows a striking uptick in Android share, to 22%.”

What’s the reason for the uptick? As Savikas points out, there are more and more Android devices coming out all the time, and “the market and platform from all of those Android devices put together will be a very big story in 2010.” With the release of the Nexus One, among other devices, we’ll certainly be hearing more about Android in the coming months.