Orbotix Sphero Phone Controlled Robotic Rolling Ball Coming Sometime in 2011 for $100

Video courtesy of orbotixpaul

Way back in August of last year, I read about and started waiting for the availability of a rolling robotic ball that could be controlled wirelessly by an Android phone or iPhone.

Get Ready for Smartphone Controlled Smart Toys: GearBox Robotic Ball

GearBox and its ball both went through a couple of name changes since then. The company is now called Orbotix and the ball gained a name too: Sphero. It made quite a splash last week at CES in Las Vegas.

CES: Your wish is the (iPhone-controlled) Sphero ball’s command (Yahoo! News Blog: Today in Tech)

Unfortunately, Sphero is still not available as a commercial product. Orbotix says that will happen sometime this year. And, Sphero’s price when it is available? About $100.