Orange Uses Facebook To Power Giga-Pixel Photo

Orange, the European mobile service provider, recently launched a new campaign to have users tag their friends in a massive photo from the Glastonbury 2010 festival. The 1.3 giga-pixel photo includes 70,000 people in the crowd. So far 5,640 people have been tagged in the photo. The photo in itself is pretty impressive, and with only 5,200 people liking the page so far, it’s somewhat surprising that so many people have already been identified.

Right now the point of the campaign is to create a world record for the most tagged people in an online photo. The image is compiled from 36 photos taken during half-time as the group was watching the England-Slovenia World Cup match. For those photo junkies out there, here’s how the image was taken:

Two Hasselblad H4D-50 cameras with 50 megapixel digital sensor backs, complete with a 150mm lens on the top and a 100mm lens with tilt shift adapter on the bottom were used to capture the extreme level of detail required for the photos.
Both cameras were mounted vertically – one on top of the other – and were linked together to trigger simultaneously whilst being manually rotated at 10 degree increments, using a Manfrotto 303SPH panoramic head mounted on a standard tripod.

If you want to check out the image, and possibly tag a friend, visit the GlastoTag website.