Orange Releases an Android Reading App – Where’s the iOS Version?

Early this morning the UK telecom Orange released a new reading app for Android. The Orange Book Club is a free app and you can use it to buy from a selection of 25 thousand titles in the Orange ebookstore. You can also read free classics and keep up to date on the Orange Prize for Fiction.

But one thing everyone asks about Android apps these days is: where’s the iOS version? As you might know, everyone is fighting with Apple over the in app purchase option, and that Apple has blocked at least one new reading app from being sold in iTunes.

Well, Orange is now the second reading app blocked.  Orange did have an reading app for the iPhone ready to go, but unfortunately it got caught by the rule change. The new app is back in development: “Orange had submitted the Apple app at the same time as the Android app, but at the time of submission Apple changed their policy, so Orange is now changing their app to meet with that new policy.”

You can also find this app for Symbian and Blackberry.